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Friday, February 26
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Reno Urged to Press for Judicial Independence in Peru
(Washington, Feb. 26) -- U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno should use her presence in Lima next week to insist that Peru fully restore independence of the judiciary, Human Rights Watch said today.
Put Human Rights "into Practice"
(New York, February 26, 1999) -- The Clinton Administration should do more to put its annual human rights report into practice, Human Rights Watch urged today. The State Department releases its annual human rights report February 26 at 11:00 am.
Indonesia: International Action Needed on Ambon Violence
(February 25, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today called for urgent international attention to the escalating communal conflict in and around Ambon in Indonesia's Moluccan islands.
Human Rights Abuse Rampant in Congo War
(New York, February 25, 1999) -- Congolese rebels have committed serious human rights abuses and should be criticized together with the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.
Oil Companies Complicit in Nigerian Abuses
(Lagos, February 23, 1999) -- On the eve of Nigeria's presidential elections, multinational oil companies investing in the Niger Delta are failing to respond adequately to serious human rights abuse in that region, Human Rights Watch charged in a report released today.
Donors Should Hold Cambodia to Its Human Rights Commitments
(February 19, 1999)—As Cambodia's international donors prepared to meet in Tokyo on February 25-26 for the first time since the July 1997 coup, Human Rights Watch called on participants to attach human rights conditions to any pledges of non-humanitarian aid to the Cambodian government. Prime Minister Hun Sen will be attending the donor meeting, convened by the World Bank, at Japan's invitation.
Shut-Down of Military Courts in Pakistan Hailed
(New York, February 18, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today welcomed the decision by Pakistan's Supreme Court to declare military courts illegal, but cautioned against the transfer of cases from the military courts to special anti-terrorism courts.
Rights Group Demands Fair Trial for Ocalan
(New York, February 16, 1999)—Human Rights Watch called for a fair trial for Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK), extradited today to Turkey on terrorism charges. The rights group said Ocalan should be held accountable for abuses committed under his leadership, but that the trial must conform to international standards.
New Crackdown on Zimbabwe's Independent Media
(New York, February 9) -- Human Rights Watch today expressed its deep concern over the current crackdown on press freedom in Zimbabwe and appealed to the government to exercise restraint and abide by its commitments to democratic freedoms.
Kosovo War Criminals May Go Free
(New York, February 9, 1999) There is a real danger that the Kosovo interim accord being discussed this week in France will allow war criminals to go free, Human Rights Watch warned today.
Rights Group Demands Release of Indonesian Shrimp Farmer
(February 8, 1999)-- Human Rights Watch today condemned the February 8 arrest of Endang Suparmono, which took place shortly after a meeting with Sidney Jones, the Asia Director for Human Rights Watch. The arrest took place outside the office of the Legal Aid Institute in Palembang, South Sumatra.
No Kosovo Settlement Without Accountability for War Crimes
(Rambouillet, France, February 6) -- War criminals should not be shielded from justice in order to reach a political settlement in Kosovo, the largest U.S.-based human rights group stated today. As Serbian-Albanian negotiations over the disputed province got underway outside Paris, Human Rights Watch released a new report with further evidence of Yugoslav government atrocities in the conflict.
Human Rights Watch Condemns Execution of Juvenile Offender
(New York, February 4, 1999) Human Rights Watch today condemned Oklahoma's execution of Sean Sellers, who died by lethal injection early this morning. Sellers was convicted of three murders committed in 1986 when he was sixteen years old. Medical experts have found that Sellers suffered from serious mental illness at the time of his crime.
Pinochet's Case "More Flawed the Second Time Around"
(London, February 4, 1999) -- As the three week hearing before the Law Lords drew to a close today, Human Rights Watch called on the appellate panel's seven judges to reject the claim of immunity by former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
Colombian Human Rights Defenders Kidnapped
(New York, January 29, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today strongly condemned the January 28 kidnaping of four human rights defenders in the city of Medellín, Antioquia, and called for their immediate, safe release. All four are employees of the Popular Training Institute (Instituto Popular de Capacitación, IPC), a well-known non-governmental organization that works on issues involving human rights, development and peace.
Yugoslav Forces Guilty of War Crimes in Racak, Kosovo
(January 29, New York) -- Human Rights Watch today categorically rejected Yugoslav government claims that the victims of the January 15 attack on Ra ak were either Kosovo Liberation Army soldiers killed in combat, or civilians caught in crossfire.

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