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The International Criminal Court:

Ratification and Implementation

After the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in July 1998, we began intensive efforts to get 60 countries to ratify the treaty so that it could enter into force and the ICC could be set up. As part of our ratification campaign, we regularly travel to different parts of the world to meet with and offer technical assistance to parliamentarians, government members, senior officials and local groups to raise awareness of the ICC and to assist with the process of ratification and domestic implementation of the Rome Statute.

As of May 14, 2003, 90 countries have ratified the Rome Statute for the ICC. See if your country is one of them.

The Status of ICC Implementing Legislation PDF, 23 k
States Parties need to expedite enactment of implementing legislation

Implementing Legislation: Comparative Charts

Making the International Criminal Court Work: A Handbook for Implementing the Rome Statute,   September 2001
   English  PDF, 115k       Spanish   PDF, 130k       French   PDF, 130k

Ratification News
  • The Council of the European Union Common Position,   June 11 2001
       English  HTML, 8k

  • Resumen Ejecutivo del Seminario Regional para la Ratificación e Implementación del Estatuto de la Corte Penal Internacional,   June 21 2001
       Spanish  HTML, 79k

  • Ratification News Around the World ,   April, 2001
       English  HTML, 41k

  • Americas News: Great Support for the ICC at the Thirtieth Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly in Windsor, Canada,   June 4-6, 2000
       English  PDF, 10k

  • Human Rights Watch Sees Strong Support for the International Criminal Court at the Millennium Summit in New York,   September 6-8, 2000
       English  PDF, 16k       Spanish  PDF, 16k

Examples of Implementing Law

Human Rights Watch Analysis of National Implementing Legislation for the ICC

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