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International Criminal Court

On May 6th, President George W. Bush 'un-signed' the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. While this act alone was unprecedented, it unfortunately appears that the Bush Administration will take measures to oppose the court beyond renouncing signature. We understand that the U.S. government has made demarches through its ambassadors in 100 countries which make clear its intent to seek and obtain agreements with other countries and with the United Nations to exempt U.S. citizens from the jurisdiction of the Court. Just as worrying, the American Servicemember's Protection Act (ASPA) is moving forward in Congress. All of these actions are aimed to threaten the good functioning of the International Criminal Court, a new institution that we believe is one of the most important developments in international and human rights law in more than 50 years. We ask you to join us in making your views known to the U.S. government.

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