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Making the International Criminal Court Work: A Handbook for Implementing the Rome Statute,   September 2001
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World Report
  • Human Rights Watch World Report Chapters
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Constitutional Issues

Implementing the ICC

Action Alerts

  • Action Alert, August 1999
       English  PDF, 145k       French   PDF, 154k

  • Action Alert, October 1999
       English  PDF, 145k       French   PDF, 428k

  • Action Alert, May 1999
       English  PDF, 430k       Spanish   PDF, 526k       French   PDF, 504k

  • Action Alert, June 1998
       English  PDF, 421k       Spanish  PDF, 291k       French   PDF, 504k

  • Action Alert, May 1998
       English  PDF, 544k       Spanish   PDF, 364k       French   PDF, 494k

  • Action Alert, February 1998
       English  PDF, 529k       Spanish  PDF, 534k       French   PDF, 534k

  • Action Alert, October 1997
       English  PDF, 572k       Spanish  PDF, 520k       French   PDF, 244k

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