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Negotiations for the ICC

Negotiating the Rome Statute

  • Explanation of the Rome Negotitions,   December 1999
       English  HTML, from the Human Rights Watch 1999 World Report

  • Intervention of Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, June 18, 1998
       English  HTML, 7k

  • Justice In The Balance: Recommendations for an Independent and Effective International Criminal Court,   June 1998
       English  HTML, Human Rights Watch Report

What is the Prepcom and What is it Doing?

    The Preparatory Commission (Prepcom) is a body of states given a mandate by the United Nations to negotiate outstanding issues relating to the Rome Statute for the ICC after the completion of the July 1998 negotiations in Rome. The 8th session of the Preparatory Commission for the International Criminal Court was held in New York from September 24, 2001 to October 5, 2001. At this session the Commission continued its negotiations on the financial rules and regulations for the court, the relationship agreement between the court and the United Nations, the assembly of state parties, privileges and immunities, and the crime of Aggression.

    During the June 2000 sessions of the Preparatory Commission the Rules of Procedure and Evidence and the Elements of crimes for which the ICC will have jurisdiction were adopted.

    Human Rights Watch has participated actively at all the previous sessions of the PrepCom.

Preparatory Commission Negotiations
  • NGOs call upon all states to Maintain the Integrity of the Rome Statute, June 2000
       English  HTML, 14k

  • Commentary to the Fifth Preparatory Commission Meeting for the ICC, June 2000
       English  HTML, 70k       Spanish  PDF, 35k       French  PDF, 21k

  • Commentary to the Fourth Preparatory Commission Meeting for the ICC, June 2000
       English  PDF, 78k       Spanish  PDF, 19k       French  PDF, 22k

  • Commentary to the Third Preparatory Commission Meeting on the International Criminal Court: Elements of Crimes and Rules of Evidence and Procedure, November, 1999
       English  HTML, 103k Spanish  PDF, 63k       French  PDF, 65k

  • Commentary to the Second Preparatory Commission on Rules of Procedure and Elements of Crimes, July 1999
       English  HTML, 186k       Spanish  PDF, 63k       French  PDF, 74k

  • Commentary to the Preparatory Commission Rules of Evidence and Procedure for the International Criminal Court, February 1999
       English  HTML, 51k       French  HTML, 62k

  • Commentary for the March-April Preparatory Committee Meeting, March, 1998
       English  HTML, 103k

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