Stop Line Speeds that Endanger Meat Workers

Sign the petition to demand the Trump administration stop allowing meat plants to increase line speeds that threaten worker safety

UPDATE 9/17/19: In a dangerous new move, the USDA decided to remove line speed limits in hog plants, placing workers at serious risk of injury and even death. Take action now.

U.S. meat workers already suffer some of the highest rates of occupational injury and illness.

Yet the Trump administration is now allowing meat plants to lift caps on maximum line speeds, giving the green light for companies to speed up production, which threatens to further undermine worker safety and increase the risk for serious injury.  

Please contact the USDA by signing our petition to demand they #SlowDownTheLine and stop endangering America's workers.

(Disclaimer: By taking this action, emails will be sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service.)

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