Stop Line Speeds that Endanger Meat Workers

Sign the petition to demand the Trump administration stop allowing meat plants to increase line speeds that threaten worker safety

UPDATE 9/17/19: In a dangerous new move, the USDA decided to remove line speed limits in hog plants, placing workers at serious risk of injury and even death. Take action now.

U.S. meat workers already suffer some of the highest rates of occupational injury and illness.

Yet the Trump administration is now allowing meat plants to lift caps on maximum line speeds, giving the green light for companies to speed up production, which threatens to further undermine worker safety and increase the risk for serious injury.  

Please contact the USDA by signing our petition to demand they #SlowDownTheLine and stop endangering America's workers.

(Disclaimer: By taking this action, emails will be sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service.)

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Watch: US Meat Workers Under Threat

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Have you thought about where your meat comes from?

Maybe you buy organic, grass-fed or hormone-free?

These labels don’t say anything about how the people producing your meat are being treated.

The people who kill, cut, and prepare your meat suffer some of the highest rates of injury among American workers.

We met workers across the country who lost fingers and suffered severe burns.

Almost everyone spoke of debilitating pain.

It’s so dangerous that people actually die doing this work.  

And this was already happening before the Trump administration relaxed regulations.

They are allowing companies to speed up the production lines for chicken - and beef is probably next.

More meat. More money.

These regulations put corporate profit ahead of the safety of American workers.

Let’s tell the Trump administration that corporate profit should not come at the expense of workers’ safety.

America’s workers deserve better.