Clothing Brands Should GO Transparent

There’s a growing trend of global apparel companies adopting supply chain transparency. It starts with these companies publishing the names, addresses, and other important information about the factories manufacturing their branded products. This is a powerful tool for promoting garment workers’ rights. Workers and labor advocates can alert brands faster and seek remedies about abuses if they know the names of the companies they are producing products for.

Call on these leading brands - Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Walmart, Primark and Armani - to STAND UP to support garment workers’ rights by signing the transparency pledge!


The Transparency Pledge

The objective of the Transparency Pledge is to help the garment industry reach a common minimum standard for supply chain disclosures by getting companies to publish standardized, meaningful information on all factories in the manufacturing phase of their supply chains. The civil society coalition that developed the Pledge surveyed published factory lists of leading apparel companies and developed a set of minimum supply chain disclosure standards that build on good practices in the industry.

Each company participating in this Transparency Pledge commits to taking at least the following steps within three months of signing it:

Publish Manufacturing Sites

The company will publish on its website on a regular basis (such as twice a year) a list naming all sites that manufacture its products. The list should provide the following information in English:

  1. The full name of all authorized production units and processing facilities
  2. The site addresses.
  3. The parent company of the business at the site.
  4. Type of products made.
  5. Worker numbers at each site.

Companies will publish the above information in a spreadsheet or other searchable format.