October 3, 2005

A Face and a Name

Civilian Victims of Insurgent Groups in Iraq

I. Summary
The Victims
Insurgent Groups
Arguments of Insurgent Groups
Violations by U.S. and Iraqi Government Forces
II. Recommendations
III. Insurgent Groups in Iraq
Attacks on Civilians
Purpose of Attacks on Civilians
Justifications for Attacks on Civilians
Statements by Insurgent Groups
Statements by Sunni Religious Groups
IV. Attacks on Ethnic and Religious Groups
Attacks on Shi`a Muslims
Attacks on Kurds
Attacks on Christians
V. Attacks on Civilians Working for Foreign Governments
VI. Attacks on Government Officials and Politicians
VII. Attacks on Civilians Applying for the Iraqi Security Forces
VIII. Attacks on Humanitarian Organizations and the U.N.
IX. Attacks on Media
X. Attacks on Intellectuals and Professionals
XI. Attacks on Women
XII. Abduction and Execution of Non-Iraqi Civilians
XIII. Unlawful Attacks on Government Security Forces102
Summary Executions of Government Forces104
Perfidious Attacks107
Attacks on Security Forces Causing Disproportionate Civilian Harm... 109
XIV. Violations by U.S. Forces111
XV. Violations by the Iraqi Government114
XVI. Legal Standards and the Conflict in Iraq118
International Humanitarian Law in Iraq118
International Humanitarian Law and the Protection of Civilians122
Designation of Military Objectives126
Prohibition on Attacks Causing Disproportionate Civilian Harm... 127
and Indiscriminate Attacks127
Suicide Attacks and International Law.. 129
Criminal Responsibility130
Crimes Against Humanity131
Appendix A.. 134
Major Attacks with Civilian Deaths by Insurgent Groups in Iraq134