World Report 2003
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Publications in 2002


"We Want to Live as Humans:" Repression of Women and Girls in Western Afghanistan, 12/02, 50 pp.

All Our Hopes Are Crushed: Violence and Repression in Western Afghanistan, 10/02, 52pp.

Paying For the Taliban's Crimes: Abuses Against Ethnic Pashtuns in Northern Afghanistan, 04/02, 57pp.

Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan:

Closed Door Policy: Afghan Refugees in Pakistan and Iran, 02/02, 45pp.


The Cost of Speech: Violations of Media Freedom in Albania, 06/02, 61pp.


"By Invitation Only:" Australian Asylum Policy, 12/02, 95pp.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hopes Betrayed: Trafficking of Women and Girls to Post-Conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina for Forced Prostitution, 11/02, 73pp.


"My Gun Was As Tall As Me:" Child Soldiers in Burma, 10/02, 228pp.


Cambodia's Commune Elections: Setting the Stage for the 2003 National Elections, 04/02, 17pp.


Dangerous Minds: Political Psychiatry in China Today and Its Origins in the Mao Era, 08/02, 310pp.

Paying The Price: Worker Unrest in Northeast China, 07/02, 50pp.

Dangerous Meditation: China's Campaign against Falungong, 01/02, 128pp.


A Wrong Turn: The Records of the Colombian Attorney General's Office, 11/02, 16pp.

Colombia Human Rights Certification III-Briefing Paper, 02/02, 34pp.

Democratic Republic of Congo

War Crimes in Kisangani: The Response of Rwanda-Backed Rebels to the May 2002 Mutiny, 08/02, 27pp.

The War Within The War: Sexual Violence Against Women and Girls in Eastern Congo, 06/02, 126pp.

Cote D'Ivoire

Government Abuses in Response to Army Revolt, 11/02, 17pp.

Dominican Republic

"Illegal People:" Haitians and Dominico-Haitians in the Dominican Republic, 04/02, 32pp.


Tainted Harvest: Child Labor and Obstacles to Organizing on Ecuador's Banana Plantations, 04/02, 152pp.


The State of Egypt VS. Free Expression: The lbn Khaldun Trial, 01/02, 21pp.


From the Household to the Factory: Sex Discrimination in the Guatemala Labor Office, 01/02, 152pp., $15.00


Liberian Refugees in Guinea: Refoulement, Militarization of Camps, and Other Protection Concerns, 11/02, 25pp.


Epidemic of Abuse: Police Harassment of HIV/AIDS Outreach Workers, 07/02, 33pp.

"We Have No Orders to Save You:" State Participation and Complicity in Communal Violence in Gujarat, 04/02, 68pp.


Breakdown: Four Years of Communal Violence in Central Sulawesi, 12/02, 49pp.

Accountability for Human Rights Violations in Aceh, 03/02, 45pp.

Israel, the Occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip,
and Palestinian Authority Territories

Jenin: IDF Military Operations, 05/02, 50pp.

In a Dark Hour: The Use of Civilians During IDF Arrest Operations, 04/02, 23pp.

Erased in a Moment: Suicide Bombing Attacks Against Israeli Civilians, 11/02, 170pp.


Kenya's Unfinished Democracy: A Human Rights Agenda for the New Government, 12/02, 27pp.

Playing With Fire: Weapons Proliferation, Political Violence, and Human Rights in Kenya, 05/02, 132pp.

Kenya & Uganda

Hidden in Plain View: Refugees Living Without Protection in Nairobi and Kampala, 11/02, 224pp.


Back To The Brink: War Crimes by Liberian Government and Rebels, 05/02, 23pp.


The Niger Delta: No Democratic Dividend, 10/02, 38pp.

The Bakassi Boys: The Legitimization of Murder and Torture, 05/02, 45pp.

Military Revenge in Benue: A Population Under Attack, 04/02, 25pp.

North Korea

The Invisible Exodus: North Koreans in the People's Republic of China, 11/02, 36pp.


Conscription Through Detention in Russia's Armed Forces, 11/02, 20pp.


Last Seen . . . : Continued "Disappearances" in Chechnya, 04/02, 48pp.

Swept Under: Torture, Forced Disappearances, and Extrajudicial Killings During Sweep Operations in Chechnya, 02/02, 51pp.


Discretion Without Bounds: The Arbitrary Application of Spanish Immigration Law, 07/02, 23pp.

State Abuses of Unaccompanied Migrant Children By Spain & Morocco, 05/02, 62pp.

The Other Face of the Canary Islands: Rights Violations Against Migrants and Asylum Seekers, 02/02, 37pp.


"The Bullets Were Raining:" The January 2001 Attack on Peaceful Demonstrators in Zanzibar, 04/02, 45pp.


Displaced and Disregarded: Turkey's Failing Village Return Program, 10/02, 78pp.

United States:

"We Are Not the Enemy:" Hate Crimes Against Arabs, Muslims, and those Perceived to the Arab or Muslim after September 11, 11/02, 40pp.

Ignorance Only: HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Federally Funded Abstinence-Only Programs in The U.S.- Texas: A Case Study, 09/02, 47pp.

Presumption of Guilt: Human Rights Abuses of Post-September 11 Detainees, 08/02, 95pp.

Collateral Casualties: Children of Incarcerated Drug Offenders in New York, 06/02, 15pp.

Dangerous Dealings: Changes to U. S. Military Assistance After September 11, 02/02, 15pp.

United States and Afghanistan

Fatally Flawed: Cluster Bombs and The Use by the United States in Afghanistan, 12/02, 52pp.


Repression of Montagnards: Conflict Over Land and Religion in Vietnam's Central Highlands, 04,02, 204pp.


Suffering in Silence: The Links Between Human Rights Abuses and HIV Transmission to Girls, 11/02, 132pp.


Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe, 03/02, 43pp.

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