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Indonesia: The Human Rights Impact of Counter-Terrorism
In the Name of Counter-Terrorism: Human Rights Abuses Worldwide, Background Briefing, March 2003

Indonesia: Accountability for Human Rights Violations in Aceh
Report, March 2002

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Indonesia: Civilians Targeted in Aceh
May 12, 2000

Why Aceh is Exploding
August 27, 1999

The May 3, 1999 Killings in Aceh
May 1999

Other Documents
Open Letter to President Habibie on Aceh
January 12, 1999

International Effort Needed on Aceh
January 4, 1999

  • Indonesia: Jakarta Rights Group Attacked for Aceh Stance
    (New York, May 28, 2003) Indonesian police failed to stop two organized attacks on Kontras, a prominent Jakarta-based rights group, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch called for a full investigation into the attacks, which appeared directed at the group because of its work in the embattled province of Aceh.

  • Indonesia: Martial Law, Bombing in Aceh
    (New York, May 20, 2003) The declaration by the Indonesian government of a state of military emergency for Aceh, and the start of a military campaign, sets the stage for gross human rights violations in the province, Human Rights Watch warned today. A presidential decree instituting martial law took effect at midnight on May 19.

  • Indonesia: Aceh Ceasefire Threatened By Escalating Violence  (Bahasa Indonesia)
    (New York, April 23, 2003) An upsurge in rights abuses threatens the ceasefire in Aceh, Human Rights Watch said today. In an open letter sent to the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), Human Rights Watch urged both sides to reconvene negotiations without delay.

    Open Letter to President of Indonesia and President of GAM regarding ceasefire in Aceh, Indonesia
    (April 23, 2003) -- Human Rights Watch deplores the dramatic resurgence of abuses in Aceh in the last two weeks by both the Indonesian security forces and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). Between April 12 and April 17 twenty new killings were reported in the province, including ten civilian fatalities. Among them was a ten-year-old girl who was shot and killed on April 12, 2002, during a firefight between the GAM and police in Bireuen district. On April 18, there were fresh reports of killings of six people, including three civilians.

  • Poor Work From Indonesian Rights Commission on Aceh
    (New York, March 15, 2002) - In a new report issued today, Human Rights Watch criticized the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas-HAM) for failing to actively pursue an investigation into one of the worst massacres in post-Soeharto Indonesia.

  • Indonesia: Megawati Should Investigate Aceh Killing
    (New York, September 7, 2001) -- Human Rights Watch today called on the Indonesian government to launch a thorough and impartial investigation into the killing of Dayan Dawood, the rector of Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh.

  • Indonesia: Abuses Mount in Aceh
    (Jakarta, August 20, 2001) In a new report released today, Human Rights Watch called on both the Indonesian government and armed rebels in Aceh to protect civilians, saying both sides had been responsible for human rights violations.

  • Indonesia: Sole Survivor of Attack on Humanitarian Aid Workers Speaks
    (New York, December 13, 2000) Human Rights Watch today released an eyewitness account of the December 6 execution-style murders of three humanitarian workers and a villager, all from the Lhokseumawe area of Aceh in Indonesia.

  • Indonesia: Aid Workers Executed in Aceh
    (New York, December 8, 2000) In a joint statement today, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International condemned Wednesday's execution-style killings by Indonesian police of three humanitarian aid volunteers and a torture victim in Aceh. The two leading global rights monitors called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the security officers responsible for the killings.

  • Indonesia: Release Aceh Activist
    (New York, November 21, 2000) Human Rights Watch said today that the arrest of an Acehnese activist on charges of "spreading hatred" and incitement were a throwback to Indonesia's authoritarian past.

  • Indonesia: Aceh Situation Worsening, Human Rights Groups Warn
    (New York, September 25, 2000) Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch today warned that the Indonesian government's failure to address a rapidly deteriorating security situation in Aceh is leading to a huge increase in human rights violations.

  • Indonesia: Attacks on Academics in Aceh
    (New York, September 21, 2000) The Indonesian government should investigate the assassination of Prof. Safwan Idris, a prominent academic in the Aceh region of Indonesia, Human Rights Watch said today.

  • New York-Based Aceh Activist Murdered in Indonesia
    (September 6, 2000, New York) Human Rights Watch called on Indonesian authorities to find and punish the murderers of Jafar Siddiq Hamzah. Jafar, a leading human rights activist from Aceh, Indonesia, and a permanent resident of New York, disappeared in the North Sumatran city of Medan on August 5. His body was found with four other as yet unidentified victims some 83 km west of Medan on Sunday and was positively identified by the family on Wednesday.

  • New York-Based Activist Missing in Indonesia
    (New York, August 8, 2000) Human Rights Watch today called on Indonesian authorities to step up efforts to find a missing human rights activist, Jafar Siddiq Hamzah, who vanished on Saturday from the Indonesian city of Medan. The international monitoring organization also said residents of New York city should take a particular interest in the fate of the missing activist, who is a permanent resident of Woodside, Queens. Jafar is also a student at the New School and a sometime taxi driver in the New York metropolitan area.

  • Indonesia: Aceh Trial - Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Call for Full Accountability
    (New York and London, May 17, 2000)—Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch today called on the Indonesian authorities to hold military leaders accountable for gross rights abuses in Aceh.

  • Aceh: Conditions For Long-Term Peace
    (New York, May 12, 2000)-Human Rights Watch welcomed the start of a new round of talks in Geneva between Indonesian government officials and Acehnese rebel leaders, amid reports that the two sides would sign a cease-fire agreement later today. It urged, however, that the cease-fire agreement be followed by a peace process in which justice and protection of civilians are top priorities. It also called on the Indonesian government to involve leaders of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other civilian groups in efforts to implement the cease-fire.