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Unfinished Business: Justice for East Timor
August 2000

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  • West Timor: Refugee Safeguards Urgently Needed
    (New York, October 24, 2000) Human Rights Watch today called on Indonesia to halt the "registration" of East Timorese refugees until minimum safeguards are in place for them to choose freely whether they wish to return to East Timor or settle in Indonesia.

  • Indonesia: Indictment of Militia Leader Insufficient
    (New York, October 3, 2000) Human Rights Watch today called Indonesia's indictment of the notorious militia leader Eurico Gutteres a necessary but insufficient step to address the violence in West Timor.

  • Indonesia: Postpone Donor Meeting
    (New York, September 20, 2000) Human Rights Watch today urged Indonesia's donors to delay an annual donor conference until the Indonesian government takes effective action against militia violence in West Timor. The Consultative Group on Indonesia (CGI), convened by the World Bank, is planning to meet in Tokyo in late October to determine aid commitments for the coming year. The CGI includes both bilateral donors such as the European Union, Japan, the U.S. and Canada, as well as multilateral agencies such as the Asian Development Bank.

  • Indonesia Must Act on West Timor Killings
    (New York, September 6, 2000) Human Rights Watch said that the deaths today of at least three U.N. refugee aid workers in West Timor were directly attributable to the Indonesian government's failure to control the militias.