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Moluccas (Maluku)

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A Home Destroyed in Central Ambon, January 19-20, 1999

Press Backgrounders

Moluccan Islands: Communal Violence In Indonesia
June 29, 2000

Violence and the Indonesian Elections
(March 18, 1999) -- Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, East Asia and Pacific Subcommittee

Background Briefing on Indonesia: Urgent Action Needed to Halt Communal Violence
December 9, 1998

Other Documents

INDONESIA: The Violence In Ambon
Human Rights Watch Report, March 1999

What You Can Do for Ambon, Maluku Province, Indonesia
Human Rights Watch Appeal, February 1999

Indonesia: International Action Needed on Ambon Violence
Press Release, February 25, 1999

  • Indonesia Must Control Troops
    (New York, June 29, 2000)-Human Rights Watch today called on Indonesian authorities in the troubled Moluccan island region to take immediate action against troops believed to have taken sides in the communal conflict there. A recent spate of clashes between members of Muslim and Christian communities has left more than 200 people dead since June 21, 2000. According to government sources, nearly 3,000 have been killed since communal violence first flared up in the region in January 1999.

  • Indonesia: Investigation of Bias Needed in Maluku
    (New York, January 7, 2000) Human Rights Watch today urged the Indonesian government to investigate allegations of bias and partisan participation by government security forces in the bloody communal conflict in the Moluccan islands (Maluku). During the past two weeks, the islands, located some 1,000 miles to the northeast of Bali, have been the site of repeated clashes between armed Christian and Muslim groups. The clashes have left hundreds of people dead. Partisans on each side have claimed that government security forces were directly supporting their adversaries.

  • Indonesian Elections An Opportunity For Progress On Human Rights
    (June 6, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today welcomed Indonesia's first free elections in forty-five years and urged both winners and losers to set forth a clear human rights agenda.

  • Regional Grievances and the Indonesian Elections
    May 12, 1999: Testimony before the House International Relations Committee Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee
    The first free elections in Indonesia since 1955 are now less than a month away. I would like to focus my attention on areas where the forthcoming election has generated little excitement and where discontent with the government in Jakarta is so deep that any new government coming in will have to confront the fundamental question of the country's unity.

  • Indonesia: International Action Needed on Ambon Violence
    March 17, 1999: In a new report on the communal violence that has wracked Ambon and surrounding islands for the last two months, Human Rights Watch calls on the Indonesian government to make public any hard evidence of provocation, investigate allegations of bias in the behavior of security forces called in to quell the violence, and acknowledge the terrible losses that both Christians and Muslims have suffered. It also calls on the government to examine and address the underlying communal tensions.

  • Indonesia: International Action Needed on Ambon Violence
    February 25, 1999: Human Rights Watch today called for urgent international attention to the escalating communal conflict in and around Ambon in Indonesia's Moluccan islands.