January 2006
Three closed trials related to Andijan, involving a total of 36 defendants, are held in Middle and Upper Chirchik district courts.
Saidjahon Zainabitdinov is sentenced to seven years in prison.
Dilmurod Mukhiddinov, Musajon Bobojanov, Akbarali Oripov of the human rights organization Ezgulik (Goodness), Hamdam Suleimanov of the opposition movement Birlik, and Nurmuhammad Azizov of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan are convicted for the distribution of a Birlik statement on the Andijan events.
Rasul Khudainazarov, a member of Ezgulik, is sentenced to nine years in prison on charges of extortion and swindling that preceded the Andijan events.
Two closed Andijan related trials involving a total of 23 defendants are held in the Chirchik City and Chirchik Military courts.


February 2006
Ukraine forcibly returns to Uzbekistan 10 Uzbek men wanted by the Uzbek government in relation to the Andijan uprising.
Kyrgyzstanís Supreme Court denies asylum to Uzbek refugees Jahongir Maksudov and Odiljon Rakhimov, in Kyrgyz custody since June 2005; Uzbekistan has requested the extradition of the two men, who remain in Kyrgyz custody, on charges related to the Andijan uprising.
Radio Free Europe journalist Nosir Zokirov is released from prison after serving his six-month sentence.

Portraits of human rights defenders from Uzbekistan.