October 17, 2013

"They Want a Confession”

Torture and Ill-Treatment in Ethiopia’s Maekelawi Police Station

To the Ethiopian Government
To the Ethiopian Parliament
To the Ethiopian Judiciary
To the Ethiopian Federal Police Commission
To the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission
To the Donor Community
I. Background
Patterns of Arbitrary Arrest, Torture, and Ill-Treatment
Arbitrary Arrests and Detention
Torture and Ill-Treatment in Detention
II. National and International Legal Framework
III. Federal Police Crime Investigation Sector:  Maekelawi
Layout of Maekelawi
Chalama Bet
Tawla Bet
Women’s Cell
Interrogation Rooms
IV. Abuses in Maekelawi
Torture and Ill-treatment
Other Ill-treatment
Verbal Threats
Prolonged Handcuffing
Solitary Confinement
Arbitrary Detention
Incommunicado Detention and Access to Family and Legal Counsel
Prolonged Pre-charge Detention
Harsh Detention Conditions
Limited Sanitary Facilities and Restricted Access
Lack of Air, Daylight, and Food
Objectives of Interrogations
Forced Confessions and Statements
Implicating False Witnesses
V. Government Response to Mistreatment
Judicial Response
Restrictions on Independent Monitoring
Monitoring Visits by Government Bodies
Ethiopian Human Rights Commission
Federal Police Commission
Annex I: Human Rights Watch Letter to Ambassador Teruneh Zenna on Maekelawi
Annex II: Response from Ambassador Teruneh Zenna to Human Rights Watch’s Letter on Maekelawi
Annex III: Human Rights Watch Letter to Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam on Maekelawi
Annex IV: Response from Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam to Human Rights Watch’s Letter on Maekelawi