September 30, 2008

"Why Am I Still Here?"

The 2007 Horn of Africa Renditions and the Fate of Those Still Missing

Map of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia
To the Ethiopian Government
To the Kenyan Government
To the US Government
To the Somali Government
To the Canadian Government
To Other Governments
Arrest, Detention, Rendition, and Torture
Conflict in Somalia
Arrests and Detentions in Kenya and Somalia
Renditions to Somalia and Ethiopia
US Intelligence in Addis Ababa
US Aid to the Region
The Ethiopian Role
The "Disappeared"
Case Studies
Ishmael Noor
Arrest and Detention in Kenya
Rendition to Somalia and Ethiopia
Interrogations and Torture in Ethiopia
Release and Return to Kenya
Salim Awadh Salim..
Addis Ababa
Ali Yusuf
Kamilya Mohamed Tuwein
Suleiman Abdi
Swaleh Ali Tunza
Abdullah Hamid
International Legal Standards
Appendix A. Letter to the Ethiopian Government, August 21, 2008..
Appendix B. Letter to the Kenyan Government, August 29, 2008..
Appendix C. Letter to the Kenyan Government, March 22, 2007