March 28, 2010


This report was researched and written by a team of researchers in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch including Anneke Van Woudenberg, Ida Sawyer, and Maria Burnett, with additional expertise provided by Elise Keppler from the International Justice Division. The report was reviewed and edited by Rona Peligal, deputy director of the Africa Division; Juliane Kippenberg, senior researcher in the Children’s Rights Division; Andrew Mawson, deputy program director; and James Ross, legal director at Human Rights Watch. Rachel Nicholson, associate in the Africa Division, provided invaluable production assistance and support. Grace Choi, publications director, provided production coordination. John Emerson designed the maps. Danielle Serres translated this report into French, and the translation was vetted by Peter Huvos, French website editor.

Human Rights Watch would like to thank the many courageous human rights activists and civil society representatives in Haut Uele district for their invaluable assistance and support. This report would not have been possible without them. Because of the sensitivity of our research, we regret that we have to withhold the names of those whose assistance we greatly appreciated and whose work we admire immensely.

We would also like to thank the eyewitnesses, victims, officials, and others who agreed to speak to us about their experiences. Their courage and fortitude in light of the brutal atrocities documented in this report touched us deeply.