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Security Conditions Likely to Mar Kosovo Elections

(New York, October 20, 2000) Kosovo's first post-war elections will take place on October 28, against a backdrop of months of attacks on Serbs and other minorities and political violence among Albanian political parties, according to a Human Rights Watch backgrounder released today. The level of violence has fallen over the last month, probably as a consequence of the Serbian elections and the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic. Even so, Human Rights Watch argues that preparations for the elections have been driven more by the desire to meet the pre-determined deadline set for the poll, than the need to create the minimum international standards necessary for free and fair elections.

Municipal Elections in Kosovo
Human Rights Watch Backgrounder, October 2000

A Warís Hidden Tragedy
NEWSWEEK and MSNBC revisit Kosovar Albanian women raped during the war

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