Full Length Reports on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Kosovo

Kosovo: Rape As a Weapon of "Ethnic Cleansing"
March 2000

Civilian Deaths in the NATO Air Campaign
February 2000

A Village Destroyed: War Crimes in Kosovo
October 1999

Abuses against Serbs and Roma in the New Kosovo
August 1999

"Ethnic Cleansing" in the Glogovac Municipality
July 1999

Ticking Time Bombs, NATO's Use of Cluster Munitions in Yugoslavia
June 1999

A Week of Terror in Drenica
February 1999

Report on the Massacre in Racak
January 1999

Academic Freedom: Deepening Authoritarianism in Serbia
January 1999

Detentions and Abuse in Kosovo
December 1998

Chapter on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia — Human Rights Watch World Report 1999
December 1998

Humanitarian Law Violations in Kosovo
October 1998

Human Rights Watch Statements on Kosovo (March 1998-Present)

Human Rights Flashes
(March-August 1999)
Pentagon Report Whitewashes Civilian Deaths in Yugoslavia
February 8, 2000

New Figures on Civilian Deaths in Kosovo War
February 8, 2000

Political Trial in Serbia
International Community Called to Monitor

November 8, 1999

Human Rights Groups Demand Information on Thousands of Detainees and Missing Persons from Kosovo
August 5, 1999

Kosovo Atrocities Recounted In Detail
(July 27, 1999)
NATO Urged to Respect Humanitarian Law
Inquiry into Aleksinac Bombing Demanded

(April 7, 1999)
Multiple Eyewitnesses Confirm Killings Around Velika Krusa, Kosovo
Clear Policy of "Ethnic Cleansing"

(April 2, 1999)
Macedonia Must Keep Border Open To Refugees
International Community Should Continue With Aid

(April 1, 1999)
Crackdown on Albanian Media in Kosovo
Last Albanian Newspaper Heavily Fined

(March 23, 1999)
Attacks on the Serbian Media Called "Alarming" Press Freedom Central to Kosovo Crisis
(March 11, 1999)
Kosovo War Criminals May Go Free
(February 9, 1999)
No Kosovo Settlement Without Accountability for War Crimes
(February 6, 1999)
Investigation Finds Yugoslav Forces Guilty of War Crimes in Racak
(January 29, 1999)
HRW Report on the Massacre in Racak
(January 29, 1999)
Milosevic Government Purges Universities In Serbia
(January 11, 1999)
Milosevic Government Denies Visas to Nobel Laureate and Other Academic Leaders
(January 8, 1999)
Serbian State-run University Censors Internet
(December 21, 1998)
Interference with Kosovo Forensic Team "Unacceptable"
(December 11, 1998)
Torture and Abuse Widespread in Serbian Detention Facilities— OSCE Urged to Monitor Conditions
(December 8, 1998)
Yugoslavia Blocks War Crimes Investigation
(November 5, 1998)
Serbian Journalists' Detention Condemned
(October 23, 1998)
Human Rights Watch Recommendations on the OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission
(October 20, 1998)
HRW Condemns Yugoslav Obstruction of War Crimes Investigations
(October 9, 1998)
Report Shows Seven-Month Pattern of Yugoslav Government Atrocities
(October 4, 1998)
HRW Researcher Talks about Kosovo with ABC News
(October 2, 1998)
Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Seselj Threatens Journalists and Human Rights Organizations
(October 2, 1998)
HRW Interviews Sole Survivor of Golubovac Execution of Thirteen,Expresses Concern for His Safety
(October 1, 1998)
Serb Police Attacked Convoy of 250 Vehicles —Four men killed hundreds of men detained and abused
(September 30, 1998)
Photos of the Massacre
Eighteen Civilians Massacred in Kosovo Forest
(September 29, 1998)
Rights Group Criticizes Closure of Kosovo Montenegro Boundary
(September 16, 1998)

Serbian Journalist and Driver Missing in Kosovo
(August 26, 1998)

Ethnic Albanian Journalist Arrested in Kosovo
(Update August 24, 1998)
Human Rights Lawyer Arrested and Severely Beaten in Kosovo
(July 31, 1998)[Update: August 24, 1998]
Yugoslav Military and Serbian Police Commit War Crimes in Kosovo
(June 30, 1998)

Human Rights Watch Statement to the Contact Group
(June 10, 1998)
HRW Calls on Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal to Investigate Possible War Crimes in Kosovo
(March 7, 1998)

Human Rights Watch Condemns Violence by Security Forces in Kosovo
(March 3, 1998)

Human Rights Watch Op-Eds on Kosovo

Justice Delayed In Kosovo
(November, 26 1999)

Kosovo's Killing Fields
(June 28, 1999)
Wall Street Journal Europe

Constructing Justice
(June 28, 1999)
Koha Ditore

The World Has Failed the Kosovo Refugees
(April 9, 1999)
Wall Street Journal Europe

Will We Fail Kosovo's Refugees
(March 31, 1999)
New York Times

West Winks at Serbian Atrocities in Kosovo
(August 5, 1998)
International Herald Tribune

Policy Statments on Kosovo

NATO's Use of Cluster Munitions in Yugoslavia
(May 11, 1999)
Sexual Violence as International Crime
(May 10, 1999)
Human Rights Watch on the Refugee Crisis, Update
(April 16, 1999)
Human Rights Watch on International Law in the Kosovo Conflict
(April 6, 1999)
Human Rights Watch on the Refugee Crisis
(April 6, 1999)