Kosovo in Pictures

In the course of gathering evidence of war crimes and other abuses in Kosovo, Human Rights Watch researchers have photographed the people and places occupying center stage in this bloody conflict.

What follows is a series of photo essays that depict all aspects of the conflict—from evidence of civilian massacres and forced displacement of ethnic Albanians in October 1998, to the return of Albanian refugees following the peace in June 1999. This collection also presents an essay documenting the destruction of civilian homes in February 1999, and photos of the hardships the ethnic Serb community has faced in Kosovo since the end of the NATO bombing.

We have established these galleries as a visual reflection of—and a counterpart to—the written work Human Rights Watch has done in uncovering abuses by all parties to the conflict in Kosovo.

A Village Destroyed—October 1999
These photos and documents accompany "A Village Destroyed", a Human Rights Watch report that is the first to name and provide pictures of people who may be responsible for or have first-hand knowledge of war crimes in Kosovo. About these Photos

A Village Destroyed
eleven photos

Return to Kosovo—June 1999
When the bombing stopped and Albanian refugees began flooding back into Kosovo, Human Rights Watch researchers documented, in person, the incredible human toll of the conflict.

Return to Kosovo—Black and White
thirteen photos

Return to Kosovo—Color
seven photos

Peace Deferred—June 1999
Many of the Serb and Roma residents who stayed in Kosovo after the bombing became targets of murders, robbery, and house burnings. These are the photos that accompany Human Rights Watch's report "Abuses of Serbs and Roma in the new Kosovo."

Peace Deferred
six photos

Refugees—April 1999
Human Rights Watch researchers took the photos that appear in this gallery in April 1999 while gathering evidence of atrocities taking place inside Kosovo. The researchers have conducted over a thousand interviews in northern Albania and Macedonia with recently arrived Kosovar Albanians in an attempt to reconstruct a picture of the horrors these refugees faced as they fled their homes.

twelve photos

Civilian Destruction—February 1999
This set, taken in February 1999, presents graphic evidence of the destruction of civilian property in the Kosovo conflict.

Civilian Destruction
nine photos

Abuses Intensify—September-October 1998
These photographs offer a narrative of human rights abuses that took place in different locations in Kosovo in September and October 1998. Please be aware that many of these images are graphic and upsetting.

Abuses Intensify
forty-seven photos

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