December 11, 2013

In Harm’s Way

State Response to Sex Workers, Drug Users and HIV in New Orleans

To the City of New Orleans Health Department
To the New Orleans Police Department
To the Orleans Parish Prison
To the New Orleans City Council
To the Louisiana State Legislature
To the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
To the Governor of Louisiana
To the United States Government
To the United Nations
Sex Exchange and HIV
HIV in New Orleans
Louisiana Law and Policy Analysis
Syringe Access
Anti-Prostitution Enforcement
Lack of Access to Health Care
Housing Policy
Barriers to HIV Prevention for People Who Exchange Sex
Police Harassment for Possession of Condoms
Police Profiling, Abuse and Misconduct
Lack of Access to Health Care
Barriers to Sustaining HIV Treatment
Lack of Access to Housing as a Barrier to Sustaining HIV Treatment
Incarceration as a Barrier to Sustaining HIV Treatment
Transgender Women, Jail and HIV
HIV and the Hispanic Community in New Orleans
International Human Rights Standards
Right to an Adequate Standard of Living
Right to Be Free From Racial Discrimination
Right to Syringes, Condoms and Other Means of HIV Prevention
Right to Be Free From Gender Discrimination
Right to Be Free from Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment