April 11, 2013

Death from the Skies

Deliberate and Indiscriminate Air Strikes on Civilians

Ending the Killing of Civilians
I. Background: From Protests to Armed Conflict
Air Strikes and Casualties
II. Applicable International Humanitarian Law
International Humanitarian Law
Unlawful Air Strikes
III. Deliberate Attacks on Bakeries
Aqyoul Bakery, Aleppo City
Kanjou Bakery, Aleppo City
Mare`, Aleppo
Al-Bab, Aleppo
IV. Attacks on Hospitals
Dar al-Shifa Hospital in Aleppo City
Makeshift Hospital in Salma, Latakia
V. Cluster Bomb Attacks
Cases of Cluster Bomb Attacks Documented by Human Rights Watch
Al-Najiya, Idlib, December 15
Mare`, Aleppo, December 12
Abu Hilal, Idlib, November 27, 2012
Deir al-`Assafeer, Damascus, November 25
Kansba, Latakia, November 2012
Souran, Aleppo, October 30
Eastern al-Buwayda, Homs, October 9-18
VI. Other Unlawful Air Strikes
Aerial Attacks in Aleppo Governorate
Tel Rifa`t
Air Strikes in Latakia and Idlib Governorates
Kansba, Latakia
Al-Najiya, Idlib
Majdal Keekhya, Latakia
Other Documented Attacks
Idlib Governorate
Homs Governorate
Hama Governorate
Damascus Countryside Governorate
VII. Incendiary Weapons
Al-Bab, Aleppo
Daraya, Damascus
Ma`rat al-Nu`man, Idlib
Al-Quseir, Homs
Babila District of Damascus
Address Arms Transfers and Technical Support to Syrian Authorities
Press Arms Suppliers to Stop Providing Arms, Ammunition and Materiel to the Syrian Government
Press Iraq to Prohibit Trans-Shipment of Weapons to Syria
Greatly Expand Cross-Border Humanitarian Relief to Opposition-Held Areas of Syria
Press for Security Council Action and Hold Russia and China Accountable
Engage the Syrian Armed Opposition