February 26, 2013

"We Will Teach You a Lesson"

Sexual Violence against Tamils by Sri Lankan Security Forces

Map of Sri Lanka
Key Recommendations
I. Background
The Armed Conflict
Internal Displacement and Detention Camps
Allegations of War Crimes
Decades of Sexual Violence by the Security Forces
II. Legal Framework
Sri Lanka’s Obligations under International Law
Sri Lankan National Law
III. Findings
Places of Detention
Interrogation Practices
Post-War Developments
Violations: Denial of Basic Due Process
Violations: Torture, Rape, and Sexual Violence
IV. Domestic Response
Post-War Barriers to Redress
Continuing Impunity and Military Abuses
V. Recommendations
To the Government of Sri Lanka
To the United Nations Human Rights Council
To Concerned Governments
Cases of Rape and Other Sexual Violence by Sri Lankan Security Forces, 2006-2012