February 3, 2011

At a Crossroads

Human Rights in Iraq Eight Years after the US-Led Invasion

I. Rights of Women and Girls
Targeting Female Leaders and Activists
Trafficking and Forced Prostitution
Penalizing Victims
Government Response to Trafficking
Family Violence
Honor crimes
Domestic violence
Female-headed Households, Widows, and Other Vulnerable Women
International Standards Protecting the Rights of Women and Girls
National Standards Concerning the Rights of Women and Girls
II. Freedom of Expression
Violence Against Journalists
Attacks by Unknown Armed Groups
Violence linked to State and Political Party-Affiliated Forces
Harassment, Threats, and Assaults against Journalists
Legal and Regulatory Barriers to Free Expression
Restrictions on Photography
Civil and Criminal Defamation Suits
New Regulatory Barriers and Legislative Inaction
International Standards Protecting Freedom of Expression
National Standards on Freedom of Expression
III. Torture of Detainees
Secret Facility at Muthanna Airport
Reliance on Confessions
Government Inaction and Denials
International Standards Prohibiting Torture
National Standards Prohibiting Torture
IV. Marginalized Communities
Internally Displaced Persons
Religious and Ethnic Minorities
Sabian Mandaeans
Persons with Disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Invisible Impacts of War
International Standards Protecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
International Standards Protecting Minority Rights
National Standards Protecting the Rights of Minorities and Persons with Disabilities
To the Government of Iraq
To the Governments of the United States and the United Kingdom