Abuses with Impunity at the National Intelligence Service in Burundi
October 26, 2006

This 33-page report, “‘We flee when we see them’: Abuses with Impunity by the Burundi National Intelligence Service,” documents five incidents of extrajudicial executions, as well as instances of torture and arbitrary detention. Some detainees were beaten with batons until they lost consciousness. In one case, a detainee has been held for over 11 months in the SNR detention facilities without charge.

In the year to September 2006, Burundi’s state intelligence agency, now called the National Intelligence Service (Service National de Renseignement, SNR) appears to have been responsible for the extrajudicial execution of at least 38 individuals, and has tortured and arbitrarily detained some 200 more. These serious abuses have been perpetrated largely with impunity.

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ISBN: October 2006 Volume 18, No. 9 (A)