April 27, 2010

Unjust and Unhealthy

HIV, TB, and Abuse in Zambian Prisons

Map of Zambian Prisons Visited
Fact Sheet
Table 1: Basic Statistics for Prisons Visited
Table 2: Access to Justice for Prisoners Interviewed
Key Recommendations
Table 3: Prisoner Characteristics
Table 4: Prisoner Interviewee Demographics
The Prisons of Zambia
HIV and TB in Zambia and the Prison System
Zambia’s Obligations Under International, Regional, and Domestic Law
Prison Conditions and Consequences for Detainees’ Health
Food and Nutrition
Access to Potable Water and Basic Hygiene
The Availability and Quality of Medical Care
Table 5: TB Testing
Table 6: TB Testing by Prisoner Type
Table 7: HIV Testing
Table 8: HIV Testing by Prisoner Type
Table 9: Number and Percent of Prisoners Who Reported Being Started on HIV Treatment after Testing Positive
Table 10: Reasons for Missing HIV Treatment
Cross-Cutting Failures in Delivery of All Medical Services
Corporal Punishment and Ill-Treatment
The Penal Block
Additional Officer Punishments
Cell Captain “Justice”
Hard Labor
Criminal Justice System and Its Impact on Prison Health
Extended and Arbitrary Pretrial Detention
Table 11: Appearance before a Judge
Table 12: Continuous Detention
Table 13: Median Time in Detention for Remandees
Table 14: Legal Representation
Table 15: Immigration Detainees’ Access to Justice
Non-Custodial Sentences and Parole
Appeals System
Appendix: Request for Information to the Zambia Prisons Service