April 22, 2013

“All You Can Do is Pray”

Crimes Against Humanity and Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Burma’s Arakan State

Map of Arakan State, Burma
Key Recommendations to the Government of Burma
Chronology of Events: May 2012-April 2013
I. Promoting Ethnic Cleansing: June-October 2012
Appeals for Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims
Impact of Economic Isolation
Response of Security Forces and Officials in Arakan State
Mass Arrests and Ill-Treatment of Detainees
Destruction of Homes and Mosques
Collusion and Coercion to Forcibly Displace Muslims
II. Coordinated Attacks and Abuses Against Muslims in Arakan State: October 2012
Massacre in Yan Thei Village
Killings by Security Forces
Government Failure to Protect
Beatings and Other Abuses by Security Forces
Satellite Imagery Showing the Scope of the Destruction
III. Mass Graves
Mass Graves at Yan Thei Village, Mrauk-U Township
Mass Grave on Thackabyin Road
Mass Graves Outside Ba Du Baw IDP Camp
Bodies Taken by State Security Forces
IV. Post-October Abuses
Rohingya Flight from Arakan State
Tightened Restrictions on Rohingya
V. The Response from Naypyidaw
VI. Humanitarian Concerns
Access to Aid and Restrictions on Movement
Risks to Humanitarian Relief
Secondary and Tertiary Forced Displacement
Obstacles to Return
VII. Denial of Citizenship
VIII. Legal Standards: Crimes Against Humanity and Ethnic Cleansing
Crimes Against Humanity
Deportation and Forced Population Transfers
"Ethnic Cleansing"
Right to Return Home
Right to Redress
IX. Recommendations
To the Government of Burma
Justice and Accountability
Humanitarian Aid and Access
Prevention of Human Rights Violations
Treatment of Internally Displaced Persons
National Census
To the Neighboring States of Thailand, Malaysia, and Bangladesh
To Concerned Governments, including Australia, Canada, Japan, US, and EU Member States:
To United Nations Agencies and the Donor Community:
To the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and Other Donors:
Appendix I:  History of Violence and Abuse against Rohingya
Appendix II:  Reply from the Burmese Government to Questions Submitted by Human Rights Watch to President Thein Sein – March 27, 2013
Appendix III:  Letter with Questions from Human Rights Watch to  President Thein Sein – January 29, 2013
Glossary of Terms