October 2, 2012

“Like a Death Sentence”

Abuses against Persons with Mental Disabilities in Ghana

Key Recommendations
I. Mental Disability in Ghana
Treatment and Care Options
Public Mental Health Services
Prayer Camps
Traditional Healers
The Community
II. Abuses
Involuntary Admission, Arbitrary Detention
Prolonged Detention
Conditions of Confinement
Overcrowding and Poor Hygiene
Forced Seclusion
Lack of Shelter
Denial of Food
Denial of Adequate Health Care
Involuntary Treatment
Stigma and Its Consequences
Physical and Verbal Abuse
Electroconvulsive Therapy
Violations against Children with Disabilities
III. Legal Framework
Key International and Regional Obligations
Right to Non-Discrimination
Freedom from Torture or Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and Right to Protection of Personal, Mental, and Physical Integrity
Right to Liberty and Security of the Person
Right to Equal Recognition before the Law
Right to Live in the Community
Freedom from Exploitation, Violence, and Abuse
Right to Health
Rights of Children with Disabilities
Ghanaian National Laws and Policies
General Disability Laws and Policies
Mental Health Laws and Policies
IV. International Partners
V. Conclusion