February 6, 2012

“No Safe Places”

Yemen’s Crackdown on Protests in Taizz

I. Background
II. Attacks on Protesters
Attacks by Armed Gangs
Government Denies Unlawful Use of Force
International Legal Standards on Freedom of Assembly and Use of Force
Yemeni Legal Standards Regarding the Right to Peaceful Assembly and  Use of Force
Case Studies
Marches on the Governor’s Office, April 3-4
Marches on Education Ministry Offices, May 7-12
Razing of Freedom Square and Follow-up Attacks, May 29-June 3
Assault at the General Security Building
Attacks along Wadi al-Qadhi Street, May 31
Attacks on Protesters Condemning Deaths in Sanaa, September 19
III. Killings of Civilians during Attacks on  Opposition Fighters
Government Denies Laws-of-War Violations
Applicable International Humanitarian Law
Indiscriminate Attacks
Kumb al-Rus
Lower Tahrir Sreet
Citywide Assault
Freedom Square
Al-Taqwa Mosque
Deployment by Both Sides in Civilian Areas
Occupation of Health Science Institute
Republican Guard Killings at Checkpoints and Markets
Al-Buraihi Checkpoint
Al-Hayat Hospital
Hawdh al-Ashraf Checkpoint
Al-Thakra Market
Deluxe Roundabout
IV. Denial of Medical Care
International Law on Hospitals and Access to Medical Care
Blocking Offsite Medical Care
Arbitrary Detention of Wounded Protesters
Denying Patients Medical Care
Occupation of al-Thawra Hospital
Shelling of al-Rawdha Hospital
V. State Forces and Non-State Armed Groups in Taizz
Government Security Forces
Armed Gangs (“Baltajiyya”)
Opposition Forces
VI. Lack of Accountability