July 20, 2010

Off the Streets

Arbitrary Detention and Other Abuses against Sex Workers in Cambodia

I. Summary
Key Recommendations
II. Methodology
III. Sex Work in Cambodia
Numbers and Origins
Civil Society Involvement with Sex Workers
Sex Work under Current Cambodian Law..
Guidelines and Explanatory Notes to Interpret 2008 Law..
A Long History of Crackdowns against Sex Workers
IV. Abuses against Sex Workers
Street Harassment and Abuses
Abuses during Arrest and in Police Custody
Detention, Bribes, and Harassment at the Municipal Social Affairs Office
Abuses at Government Social Affairs Centers
NGO Shelters and Arbitrary Detention
V. International Law..
VI. Impunity and Inaction Perpetuate Abuses
Failure to Investigate and Prosecute Abuses
US Pressure to Address Trafficking Makes a Bad Situation Worse
VII. Recommendations
To the Government of Cambodia
To the Ministry of Interior
To the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans, and Youth Rehabilitation
To the Phnom Penh Municipality
To the National Assembly of Cambodia
To United Nations Agencies and Concerned Donor Governments Including the US, EU, Japan, and Australia
To the US Government
To NGOs Assisting Victims of Trafficking and Sex Workers
Appendix: Letters Sent to the Government of Cambodia
Letter to Ministry of Interior: Sent April 19, 2010..
Letter to Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans, and Youth Rehabilitation: Sent April 19, 2010