September 8, 2004

Bringing Justice: the Special Court for Sierra Leone

Accomplishments,Shortcomings, and Needed Support

I. Introduction
II. Brief Overview of the Establishment of the Special Court
III. Chambers
A. Establishment of the Second Trial Chamber
B. Timeliness of Rulings on Motions
1. Legal Support
2. Availability of the Appeals Chamber
C. Treatment of Witnesses and Courtroom Management
IV. The Office of the Prosecutor
A. Limited Interpretation of "Those Who Bear the Greatest Responsibility"
V. Defense
A. Logistical Support
B. Lump Sum Payment
C. Appointment of Investigators
D. Training
E. Translation
VI. Witness Protection
A. The Protection Unit
B. The Witness Management Unit
C. Protection Post-trial
VII. Security
VIII. Accessibility and Legacy
A. Outreach
1. Outreach Programming
2. Cuts to Funding for Outreach
3. Increasing Accessibility of the Court's Work
B. Legacy
1. Capacity Building
2. Raising Expectations
3. Domestic Prosecutions
IX. International Cooperation and Financial Support
A. Cooperation
B. Financial Support and Budgeting
X. Recommendations