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The Rodney Hulin Story.
The tragic story of a young prisoner's struggle against rape and abuse in prison, told through the voices of prisoners, family members, prison officials and Rodney's writings.

"I have been sexually and physically assaulted several times by several inmates. Please Sir, help me."

"We had about a ten-minute phone conversation. And he was crying. He said, mom, I'm emotionally and mentally destroyed. That's the last time I really ever heard his voice."

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These segments are provided by Gabriel Films. They are part of a documentary in production, executive produced by Jonathan Stack and directed by Gabriel London. For more information, please visit http://www.gabrielfilms.com/prisonrapefilm

The Rules of the Game: Prison Rape and Reform.
This segment features prisoners who explain the hard reality of prison rape. It contrasts their accounts with two stories of prison reform, highlighting efforts to deal with the problem of rape behind bars.

"Guys that are first coming in, they size you up. They say, is this somebody we're gonna get in our gang; is this somebody we're gonna steal from; is this somebody we're gonna punk around."

"The deputy came by and inquired: is everything OK in here? And both parties inside said, yes, everything's OK. Mr. Besk was terrified for his life and was saying what he was told to say."

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