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This report is based on a five-week fact-finding mission to Uganda conducted by Peter Bouckaert, Uganda researcher in the Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, during April and May 1998. Jemera Rone, associate counsel, participated in the fact-finding mission to western and northern Uganda. Additional research was conducted in Uganda by Peter Bouckaert in May 1999. The report was written by Peter Bouckaert. Elizabeth Brundige, Everett intern in the Children's Rights Division, drafted the section on children and treason charges. Jemera Rone, Binaifer Nowrojee, counsel to the Africa division, and Bronwen Manby, counsel to the Africa division, Wilder Tayler, general counsel, and Michael McClintock, deputy program director, edited the report. Members of the Africa Division's Advisory Committee Edward Kannyo, Muna Ndulo, James C. N. Paul, Aristide R. Zolberg, Michael Chege, and Arthur C. Helton also contributed comments. Zachary Freeman, Associate for the Africa Division, prepared the report for production.

Human Rights Watch wishes to thank the human rights activists, academics, political activists, humanitarian workers, and government officials who contributed to this report. Without their efforts and assistance, this report would have been impossible. Most importantly, Human Rights Watch wishes to thank the victims and witnesses of human rights abuses who agreed to share their experiences with us, in the hope that the human rights record of Uganda will be improved.