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ADF Allied Democratic Forces

DP Democratic Party

ESO External Security Organization

FAD Foundation for African Development

FHRI Foundation for Human Rights Initiative

FOWODE Forum for Women in Democracy

FRONESA Front for National Salvation

HRC Uganda Human Rights Commission

ICCPR International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

IFES International Foundation for Election Systems

ISO Internal Security Organization

LC Local Councils, formerly known as Resistance Councils (RC)

LDU Local Defense Unit

LRA/M Lord's Resistance Army/Movement

Chaka-mchaka Program of political and military education instituted by the NRM

government to promote the movement political system.

NDF National Democrats Forum

NOCEM National Organization for Civic Education and Elections Monitoring

NRM/A The National Resistance Movement/Army, subsequently renamed the UPDF

RDC Resident District Commissioners

SPLM/A The Sudanese People's Liberation Movement/Army

Tabliq An Islamic group, also known as Jamaat Daawa Assalafiya. Some radical elements of the Tabliq group are suspected of involvement in the ADF rebel movement

UDHR Universal Declaration on Human Rights

UHEDOC Uganda Human Rights Education and Documentation Center

UNA Uganda National Army

UNICEF United Nations Childrens' Fund

UNLA Uganda National Liberation Army

UNRF II Uganda National Rescue Front II

UPC Uganda People's Congress

UPM Uganda Patriotic Movement

UPDA Uganda People's Democratic Army

UPDF Uganda People's Defense Force

UYD Uganda Young Democrats

WFP World Food Program

Unlike the law of Moses, most human rights are not divinely ordained and are subject to modification to fit the political and socio-economic conditions of the societies where they are applied.

President Yoweri Museveni, speaking at Liberation Day celebrations in Kampala, January 26, 1999.

Fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual are inherent and not granted by the State.

Uganda Constitution (1995), Article 20 (1).

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