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Recommendations to the Government:

* permit a U.N. assessment team (and relief if the team determines there is need) into the rebel-controlled areas of the Nuba Mountains as agreed upon in May 1998, without any further delay;

* participate with OLS agencies in a joint task force to assess the failure of relief to reach those in need in government-controlled areas, following the model of the Joint Task Force;

* establish a program to put an end to the capture and exploitation of children and other civilians by army, muraheleen, and militia, and an end to their confinement in slavery-like conditions; identify and release those held in captivity; enforce the criminal laws against kidnapping, child abuse, and forced labor; establish, in consultation with experienced international agencies, a central agency responsible for assisting family members to locate their relatives missing in raids or war; ratify relevant international instruments, and cooperate with national, international, and U.N. agencies in the investigation of slavery; and

* disarm and disband all militias, both public and private..

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