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Recommendations to the Government, its Army, the SSDF, Muraheleen, PDF, and Other Government Forces and Militias, including Kerubino=s and Paulino=s Forces; and the SPLM/A:

* cease all targeted and indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian objects, and without delay investigate those believed involved in such acts and promptly try them, subjecting the guilty to punishment;

* end looting and pillaging and punish the looters and pillagers, whether operating individually or under command, and punish those who buy and sell looted goods;


* punish all armed persons, whether under responsible command or not, who engage in diversion or theft of food and nonfood relief items, and those who buy and sell such items;

* permit full international monitoring of relief efforts, with unrestricted access for food monitors and nongovernmental organizations not aligned with any party;

* allow the deployment of full-time U.N. human rights officers to operate throughout Sudan, in government and rebel-held areas, with a mandate to promptly inform the world community of human rights abuses, particularly those that in the past have lead to famine;

* respect freedom of movement so that anyone may move to and from rural areas to cultivate and to benefit from relief food;

* end arbitrary detentions of persons displaced by famine and the war, and protect the safety of the displaced; and

* punish all persons who engage in slavery-like practices, including capturing civilians who are not charged with any crime.

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