World Report 2004

Human Rights Watch World Report 2004

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Human Rights and Armed Conflict

Preface  spanish  french  arabic  German

War in Iraq: Not a Humanitarian Intervention  french  spanish
Africa on its Own: Regional Intervention and Human Rights  french
Losing the Peace in Afghanistan
Sidelined: Human Rights in Postwar Iraq
“Glad to be Deceived”: the International Community and Chechnya
Above the Law: Executive Power after September 11 in the United States  spanish  Arabic
Drawing the Line: War Rules and Law Enforcement Rules in the Fight against Terrorism
Beyond the Hague: The Challenges of International Justice
Children as Weapons of War
Cluster Munitions: Toward a Global Solution
Weapons and War Crimes: The Complicity of Arms Suppliers
Engine of War: Resources, Greed, and the Predatory State
In War as in Peace: Sexual Violence and Women’s Status
Legacy of War: Minority Returns in the Balkans
Right Side Up: Reflections on the Last Twenty-Five Years of the Human Rights Movement  spanish  french  Arabic