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Thursday, November 30, 2000

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Israel/Palestinian Authority : Abuses During Violent Clashes (Nov 14)

Pakistan: Post-Coup Abuses (Nov 14)

China: Human Rights Deteriorate (Nov 13)

Indonesia: Transition and Regional Conflict (Nov 10)

Turkey: Focus on Human Rights (Nov 8)

Human Rights Watch Challenge to Candidates (US Elections 2000) (Nov 8)

Sierra Leone: A Call for Justice  (Nov 1)

Race and Human Rights (Oct 30)

EU-Russia Summit (Oct 30)

Crisis in Colombia (Oct 24)

Kosovo: Focus on Human Rights  (October 23)

Yugoslavia: Justice Imperative (Oct 14)

Cambodia: Focus on Human Rights (Oct 3)


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New Evidence of Atrocities in Sierra Leone
(New York, November 30, 2000) As the United Nations Secretary-General prepares to visit Sierra Leone, Human Rights Watch today released fresh evidence that civilian suffering continues unabated in the civil war there. In addition to providing details of ongoing atrocities by the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF), Human Rights Watch also documented how armed factions fighting on behalf of the Sierra Leonean government have also attacked civilians in recent months.
Colombia: Guerrillas Must Release Civilian Hostages
(New York, November 29, 2000) Human Rights Watch today called for the immediate release of all civilian hostages in Colombia. In a letter to Manuel Marulanda, commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Human Rights Watch drew special attention to Henry A. Grosch-Garces, a Buenaventura man who is believed to be seriously ill.
Colombia: Protect Threatened Judge
(New York, November 28, 2000) Human Rights Watch today urged the Colombian government not to withdraw the security protection for a former judge who ordered the arrest of Pablo Escobar in 1988. In a letter to President Andrés Pastrana, Human Rights Watch warned that the life of Judge Consuelo Sánchez Durán will be in danger after the withdrawal of her security, scheduled for today, Tuesday, November 28.
Letter to Simon Ray of the Department for International Development
We have reviewed DFID's Kosovo Interim Programme Strategy, published in January 2000. Based on our review, and drawing on Human Rights Watch's extensive research into postwar reconstruction in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we offer you this analysis of your current strategy.
South Africa Praised on International Court
(New York, November 27, 2000) Human Rights Watch today welcomed South Africa's ratification of the Rome Treaty for the International Criminal Court (ICC). The rights group commended Pretoria for taking a leadership role in the establishment of the ICC by proceeding with early ratification of the treaty.
Indonesia: Release Aceh Activist
(New York, November 21, 2000) Human Rights Watch said today that the arrest of an Acehnese activist on charges of "spreading hatred" and incitement were a throwback to Indonesia's authoritarian past. The international monitoring group called for the immediate and unconditional release of Muhammad Nazar, head of SIRA, a student coalition in support of a referendum on Aceh's political status.
Israel/Palestinian Authority: Gaza Bus Bombing
(New York, Novmber 21, 2000) Human Rights Watch today strongly condemned the bomb attack on an Israeli school bus near the Kafr Darom settlement in the Gaza Strip. The November 20 bombing killed two adults and injured nine persons. Children were among those wounded, three of them seriously.
Uzbek Court Sentences Opposition in Absentia
(New York, November 17, 2000) Human Rights Watch today condemned the decision of the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan to convict 12 men, nine of whom were tried in absentia, on terrorism and other anti-state charges. The court sentenced exiled opposition leader Muhammad Solih and nine other defendants to lengthy terms on charges of terrorism and other crimes, and sentenced two accused militants to death.
Rights Group Supports Belgium's Universal Jurisdiction Law
Human Rights Watch today rejects a claim that a Belgian arrest warrant for the acting Foreign Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo violates international law. The warrant charges the official with war crimes and crimes against humanity. Human Rights Watch strongly supports the Belgian law and the principle of "universal jurisdiction" that underlies it.
Rights Group Concerned About Greek Immigration Bill
(Athens, November 16, 2000) Human Rights Watch today expressed serious concerns about the proposed immigration law to be tabled at Parliament this week.
Euro-Mediterranean Summit: Address Attacks on Human Rights Defenders
(Brussels, November 15, 2000) -- In a background paper marking five years of the Euro-Mediterranean common security project, Human Rights Watch criticized continuing government attacks against human rights defenders in the region.
UN Should Monitor Rights in West Bank, Gaza
(New York, November 14, 2000)--Human Rights Watch today urged U.N. Security Council members to establish an international observer mission to monitor and report on violations of international human rights and humanitarian law during the continuing violent clashes in Gaza and the West Bank.
Human Rights Watch Honors Global Rights Defenders
(New York, November 13, 2000) On Tuesday, November 14, Human Rights Watch will give its highest recognition to five leading human rights activists from around the world. Those chosen to be human rights "monitors" for the year 2000 have defended civilians in brutal wars in Chechnya and Sierra Leone, and worked to build civil society from the ground up in China, Jordan and India.
U.S.: Bush Should Halt Execution of Mentally Retarded Offender
(New York, N.Y. November 13) Human Rights Watch called on Governor Bush to stay the execution of Johnny Paul Penry, a man with the mental capacity of a second grader because of mental retardation. Convicted of murdering a twenty-two year old woman in 1979, Penry has an execution date of November 16.
Indonesia: Deteriorating Human Rights in Aceh
(November 11, 2000, New York, NY) Human Rights Watch warned today that the deteriorating situation in Aceh was rapidly becoming a test of President Wahid's authority and of civilian control over the military.

Refugee Crisis in Afghanistan
(New York, November 11, 2000) Human Rights Watch today called on the governments of Pakistan and Tajikistan to reopen their borders to refugees from Afghanistan. The international monitoring organization also urged the international community to support relief operations for Afghan families who have been displaced by the current fighting in northern Afghanistan between the ruling Taliban and the opposition United Front.
President Clinton's Trip to Vietnam
(New York, November 10, 2000) As President Clinton prepares for his historic trip to Vietnam, Human Rights Watch urged that he give high priority to human rights issues during his discussions with Vietnamese officials in mid-November.
U.S.: South Dakota Agrees to Respect Rights of Detained Youth
(New York, November 9, 2000)—South Dakota has agreed to a proposed settlement that would protect detained children from many inhumane disciplinary practices.
US: Governor, Board Urged to Halt Texas Execution
(New York, November 9, 2000) Human Rights Watch today urged Governor George W. Bush and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to halt the execution of a foreign national.
US: Florida Ex-Offenders Barred from Vote
(New York, November 8, 2000) The permanent disenfranchisement of over 400,000 ex-offenders in Florida is likely to have determined the outcome of the presidential election, two non-partisan research and advocacy groups said today. Almost one third of the African American men in Florida were unable to vote because of a felony conviction at some point in their past.
Turkey: Insufficiently Clear Human Rights Agenda for E.U. Accession
(Brussels, November 8, 2000) The European Union has failed to take full advantage of an important opportunity to promote human rights reform in Turkey, Human Rights Watch said today.
Rights Group to Council of Europe: Azerbaijan Admission a Mistake
(New York, November 8, 2000) Human Rights Watch today urged the Council of Europe not to vote to admit Azerbaijan as one of its members. The group cited fraud in Sunday's parliamentary elections as evidence that Azerbaijan has not made adequate progress on human rights and democratization to meet Council of Europe criteria.
Russian Violations Mar Anniversary of European Rights
(Brussels, November 3, 2000) As European ministers convened in Rome today to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the European Convention of Human Rights, Human Rights Watch urged them to apply the convention to Chechnya.
Iran: Trial for Conference Attendees
(November 2, 2000, New York)-- In an open letter sent to Iran's chief judicial official, Human Rights Watch called for an end to the prosecution of prominent independent and reformist figures who attended an international conference last April.
Sri Lanka: Ethnic Violence Escalates
(New York, November 1, 2000) Human Rights Watch said today that ethnic violence in Sri Lanka would continue to escalate without decisive government action against those responsible for a prison massacre last week. The international monitoring group also called on all groups involved, including the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), to refrain from retaliatory attacks.
Sierra Leone: Justice and the Special Court
(New York, November 1, 2000) The United Nations Security Council may be preparing to place excessive limitations on the Sierra Leone Special Court, Human Rights Watch charged today.
United States: Immigration Detention Centers Need Improvements
(New York, October 31, 2000) Human Rights Watch today called on the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to do more to provide humane and safe facilities for detainees in its custody.
Azerbaijan: Government Interference in Elections
(New York, October 30, 2000)-- Government interference in Azerbaijan's upcoming parliamentary elections has diminished prospects for a free and fair vote, Human Rights Watch said today. In a nine-page backgrounder issued ahead of the November 5 vote, Human Rights Watch described how the government has prevented opposition candidates from contesting the election, and charged that Azerbaijan was backtracking on its commitments to the Council of Europe.
South Africa's Arms Trade: Further Progress Needed
(New York, October 30, 2000) South Africa is not living up to its own high standards with respect to arms exports, Human Rights Watch charged today.
Turkey: Prison Plans Need Wider Debate
(New York, October 28, 2000) -- Human Rights Watch today urged the Turkish government to allow greater public debate on the issue of prison design and construction.
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