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World Report 2012: Bangladesh (Bengali Translation)

Events of 2011


Time to Abandon the Autocrats and Embrace Rights

The International Response to the Arab Spring


From Paternalism to Dignity

Respecting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

World Report 2012: A Landmark Victory for Domestic Workers

New Convention Establishes First Global Labor Standards for Millions of Women and Girls

World Report 2012: After the Fall

Hopes and Lessons 20 Years after the Collapse of the Soviet Union

The Awami League government failed to use its significant parliamentary mandate in 2011 to push through policies to ensure strong protections of human rights. Instead of prosecuting members of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), who engage in extrajudicial killings, the home minister chose to deny that such violations occur, even in cases where internal ministry investigations found evidence of wrongdoing. The practice of disguising extrajudicial killings as “crossfire” killings seeped from the RAB into other law enforcement institutions, particularly the police. New allegations of torture, arbitrary arrest, and enforced disappearances by police continue to emerge.