February 13, 2014

“Here, Rape is Normal”

A Five-Point Plan to Curtail Sexual Violence in Somalia

Map: IDP Settlements in Mogadishu
Key Recommendations
Sexual Violence Figures
1. Improve Prevention Strategies
Insecurity inside IDP camps
Violence outside camps
Hazards of Moving
2. Improve Access to Emergency Health Services
Inadequate Infrastructure and Services
Other Barriers to Women’s Access to Treatment
Impact of Conflict on Women and Girls
3. Ensuring Access to Justice
Failure of the Justice System
Perpetrators in Uniform
Fear of Reprisal from Security Forces
Threats and Violence from Al-Shabaab
4. Legal and Policy Reform
Draft Gender Policy
Penal Code
A Pervasive Pattern of Violence Against Women
5. Women’s Equality
Women’s Political Participation
Commitments of the Federal Government of Somalia
International Legal Obligations
Right to Freedom from Gender-Based Violence
Violence against IDPs
Right to Education
Right to Health
Right to Privacy and Bodily Integrity
Right to a Remedy
Women’s Political Participation
Annex 1: Letter Re: Somalia National Draft Gender Policy
Annex 2: Letter to Somali Government Requesting Information on their Response to Sexual Violence against Women in Somalia
Annex 3: Letter to the Somali Government Re: HRW findings