September 13, 2013

“No One’s Left”

Summary Executions by Syrian Forces in al-Bayda and Baniyas

To the UN Security Council
To the Syrian Government
To All Countries
I. Background: Al-Bayda and Baniyas
II. Killings in al-Bayda
The Trigger: Security Raid Ambushed, Firefight Erupts
Tense Waiting for the Local Population
Executions in al-Bayda
Execution of Members of Suweid Family and Neighbors
Execution of Members of Bayasi Family and Neighbors
Execution of Members of al-Shughari Family and Neighbors
Executions and Burning of Corpses in Main Square
Allegations of Transfer and Execution in Neighboring Villages
A Contested Execution: The Killing of Sheikh Omar al-Bayasi, His Wife, and His Son
III. The Aftermath: Hasty Escape, Looting and Burning
IV. Killings in Ras al-Nabe`, Baniyas
Executions in Ras al-Nabe`
Execution of Members of the Suleiman, Taha, and Skeif Families
Execution of Members of the Jalloul family
Execution of Members of the Rajab Family
Execution of Other Families in Ras al-Nabe`
V. The Perpetrators
VI. Government Denials
Annex 1: Identified Victims in al-Bayda
Annex 2: Identified Victims in Ras al-Nabe`