May 14, 2013

“Swept Away”

Abuses Against Sex Workers in China

Map of China
Key Recommendations
I. Background
Venues for Sex Work
Factors Leading to Sex Work
Sex Work Under Current Chinese Law
II. Police Abuse of Sex Workers
Beatings, Ill-Treatment, and Torture in Custody
Violence at the Time of Arrest
Arbitrary Arrest and Detention
Other Violations
Barriers to Justice after Client or Police Abuse
Police Abuse as a Violation of Domestic Laws, Regulations, and Policies
Police Abuse as a Violation of International Law
III. Abusive Public Health Practices Against Sex Workers
Forced and Coercive Testing of Sex Workers, Violations of Privacy Rights
Allegations of CDC Personnel Mistreatment of Sex Workers
Health Abuses and International Law
IV. Recommendations
To the State Council:
To the National People’s Congress:
To the Ministry of Public Security:
To the Ministry of Health and the Center for Disease Control:
To Foreign Governments and the United Nations: