November 14, 2012

“A Long Way from Reconciliation”

Abusive Military Crackdown in Response to Security Threats in Côte d’Ivoire

Post-Election Crisis
Ongoing Security Threats
Liberian, Ghanaian Response
I. Torture, Mistreatment, Inhuman Conditions at the Adjamé Military Police Camp
Torture and Inhuman Treatment
II. Mass Arbitrary Arrests, Illegal Detention, and Extortion
Yopougon BAE Camp
Criminal Acts by the FRCI during Arrests and Detentions
The Cost of Impunity: “Bin Laden” and Recurring Human Rights Abuses
Detention-Related Abuses and Extortion in Dabou Military Camp
Irregular Detention Sites, Access Problems for Family, Monitors
Marginalization of Police, Gendarmes
Impact on Reconciliation, Government Response
Annex I: Human Rights Watch Letter to the Ivorian Government
Annex II: Response from the Chief of Staff in the Ivorian Presidency
Annex III: Response from the Minister of Human Rights and Public Liberties