August 21, 2012

Curtailing Criticism

Intimidation and Obstruction of Civil Society in Uganda

To the President, the Government of Uganda, and NRM Officials
To the NGO Board
To Uganda’s Parliament
To Uganda’s International Partners, particularly the United States, Donors Contributing to the Democratic Governance Facility, the World Bank, and the African Development Bank
I. Background
II. Uganda’s NGO Sector Laws and Policies
III. Trends in Government’s Hostile Rhetoric toward NGOs
IV. Obstructions, Threats, and Harassment Directed at NGOs
Good Governance and Corruption Work
Environment, Land, and Oil Work
Human Rights/LGBT Work
Surveillance, Robberies, and Other Instances of Harassment
V. Self-Censorship
VI. The NGO Board and Challenges Going Forward
VII. Uganda’s Obligations under International Law