August 10, 2010

Illusions of Care

Lack of Accountability for Reproductive Rights in Argentina

I. Background
History and Past Research
Developments Since 2005
II. Access to Contraception and Abortion: An Obstacle Course
Lack of Access to Contraceptives
Supply Issues and Lack of Political Support
Conscientious Objection
Other Obstacles to Care
Failure to Provide Legal Abortions
Lack of Information
Complicated Procedures for Access
Hostile Service Providers
Abortion and Contraception in the Courts
Key Constituencies Ignored
Adolescent Girls
Women with Disabilities
III. Lack of Accountability
Erratic Data Collection and Oversight at the Programmatic Level
Underuse of Public Auditing Functions for Health Accountability
Failure to Sanction Public Officials for Not Upholding the Law..
Lack of Transparency for Individual Complaint Mechanisms
IV. International Law and Health Accountability
V. Acknowledgments