March 3, 2009

"Please, do not make us suffer any more…"

Access to Pain Treatment as a Human Right

Executive Summary
Background: Pain in the World Today
Prevalence of Pain
The Impact of Pain
Pain Management: Elements, Effectiveness, Cost
Widespread Consensus: Pain Relief Medications Must Be Available
The Pain Treatment Gap
Pain Treatment, Palliative Care and Human Rights
Health as a Human Right
Pain Treatment and the Right to Health
Pain Treatment and the Right to Be Free from Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment
Obstacles to Provision of Pain Treatment and Palliative Care
Failure to Ensure Functioning and Effective Supply System..
Failure to Enact Palliative Care and Pain Treatment Policies
Lack of Training for Healthcare Workers
Excessively Restrictive Drug Control Regulations or Enforcement Practices
Fears of Legal Sanction
Breaking Out of the Vicious Cycle of Under-Treatment
To governments around the world
To global drug policy makers
To WHO, UNAIDS, and the donor community
To the global human rights community