February 10, 2009

"Are You Happy to Cheat Us?"

Exploitation of Migrant Construction Workers in Russia

Part 1: Background
1.1 Migration to Russia
1.2 Racism and Xenophobia in Russia
Part 2:Laws and Policy Concerning Migrant Workers
2.1 Russia's Legal Obligations and Migration Policy
2.2 Laws Relating to Migrant Workers
2.3 Registration on the Migration Registry
2.4 Obtaining a Work Permit
2.5 The Quota System..
2.6 Other bureaucratic obstacles
Part 3: Abuse and Exploitation of Migrant Construction Workers in Russia
3.1 Intermediaries and the Role They Play in Exploitation
3.3 Trafficking and Forced Labor
3.4 Labor Exploitation and Other Abuses
3.5 Ill-treatment and Extortion by Police and other Officials
Part 4: Protection and Redress
4.1Russian Government Protection Measures and Gaps
4.2 Non-Governmental Avenues for Redress105
4.3 Labor-Sending Countries' Government Response108
Annex: Background Information on Select Sending Countries124