February 3, 2009

Families Torn Apart

The High Cost of U.S. and Cuban Travel Restrictions


I. Summary and Recommendations
Cuba’s Restrictions on Travel
U.S. Restrictions on Cuban Travel
To the Cuban Government
To the U.S. Government
II. Cuba’s Restrictions on Travel
Past Travel Restrictions
Current Travel Restrictions
Illustrative Cases
Hilda Molina
Teresa Márquez and Roberto Salazar
María Elena Morejón
Juan López Linares
José Cohen
Denial of Exit Visas
Health Care Professionals
Relatives of “Deserters”
Children of People Abroad
Denial of Entrance Visas
The Impact of Cuba’s Travel Restrictions
The Toll of Forced Separation on Families
The High Costs of Reunification Attempts
Travel Restrictions as Political Coercion
III. U.S. Travel Restrictions
Past Travel Restrictions
New Restrictions on Family-Related Travel
Illustrative Cases
Marisela Romero
Andrés Andrade
Leandro Seoane
Carlos Lazo
Milay Torres
Amparo Alvarez
Nohelia Guerrero
The Impact of U.S. Travel Restrictions
Family Separation
Family Illness
Redefining the Family
Divided Loyalties
Curtailed Freedom...
IV. Freedom of Movement in International Law..
V. Conclusion