February 17, 2008

Flooding South Lebanon

Israel's Use of Cluster Munitions in Lebanon in July and August 2006

Map of Lebanon
To the Government of Israel
To the Secretary-General of the United Nations
To the Government of the United States
To all governments
Cluster Munitions and International Humanitarian Law..
Background on Cluster Munitions
International Humanitarian Law..
International Humanitarian Law Applied to Cluster Munitions
Israel and Cluster Munitions
Use, Production, Trade, and Stockpiling
Types of Cluster Munitions and Submunitions Used in Lebanon
The Impact of Israel's Use of Cluster Munitions in Lebanon in July and August 2006
Shocking Scope: Number of Submunitions and Strikes
Timing and Targets: When and How Cluster Munitions Were Used
The Early Phases of the War
The Final Barrage
Attacks on Population Centers
Failure Rates
Civilian Harm..
Time of Attack Casualties
Returning Home after the Ceasefire
Moving through the Town
Casualties during Clearance
Case Studies
Zawtar al-Gharbiyeh and Zawtar al-Sharkiyeh
The Socioeconomic Effects of Cluster Munition Contamination
Clearance and Risk Awareness
Clearance History in Lebanon
Clearance in South Lebanon
UN Mine Action Coordination Center South Lebanon
Demining Organizations
Lebanese Army
Community Clearance
Lack of Israeli Assistance
Risk Education Programs
Israel's Statements on the Use of Cluster Munitions and the Findings of Investigations
Israel's Public Statements and Investigations
UN Investigations100
US Investigation102
Israel's Use of Cluster Munitions and International Humanitarian Law.. 104
Indiscriminate Attacks105
Disproportionate Attacks108
Unwarranted Reliance on Warnings110
Attack on a Protected Place111
Global Efforts to Address Cluster Munitions112
Appendix: Israel's Response to a Letter of Inquiry from Human Rights Watch118