September 20, 2007

Darfur 2007: Chaos by Design

Peacekeeping Challenges for AMIS and UNAMID

To the Government of Sudan..
To the "non-signatory" rebel groups and former rebel groups
To the African Union Mission in Sudan..
To the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations and the AU Peace and Security Directorate's Darfur Integrated Task Force (DITF)
To UN member states and AU member states
To the United Nations Security Council
North Darfur
South Darfur
West Darfur
Jebel Marra
Everyday Life for Civilians in Darfur
Consolidation of Ethnic Cleansing..
Sexual Violence and Other Violence..
Land Use and Occupation..
Policing Darfur
Humanitarian Access
Lessons Learned from Darfur's Peacekeepers
The Future of UNAMID..
Sudan's Compliance with Security Council Resolution 1769, Other Obligations, and Benchmarks for International Response..
Peacekeeping in the Interim...