March 9, 2011

VIII. Acknowledgements

This report was researched and written by Megan McLemore, senior researcher with the Health and Human Rights Division. The report was reviewed at Human Rights Watch by Joseph Amon, Director of the Health and Human Rights Division, Rebecca Schleifer, Director of Advocacy for the Health and Human Rights Division, Alison Parker, Director of the US Program, Dinah Pokempner, General Counsel, and Babatunde Olugboji, Deputy Program Director at the Program Office. Production assistance was provided by Alex Gertner, Associate to the Health and Human Rights Division, Grace Choi, Kathy Mills and Fitzroy Hepkins.

Human Rights Watch gratefully acknowledges the invaluable assistance of Amy Rosenberg and Emily Broad of the State Health Access Research Project; Robin Webb of A Brave New Day; Alonzo Dukes of the Southern AIDS Commission; Rep. John Hines; the Mississippi Department of Health and the State STD/HIV Office; Marilyn Moering of Building Bridges; Ella Tardy and Teresa Viramontez of Grace House; Valencia Robinson; Nsombi Lambright, Bear Atwood and Nancy Kohsin-Kintigh of the ACLU of Mississippi; Lisa Biagotti, and many others in Mississippi who facilitated the research for this report.

Most of all, Human Rights Watch thanks the courageous men and women living with HIV in Mississippi who shared their experiences for this report.